Grandmother & Children

By Troy Sice

Animal: Grandmother, Material: Antler
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Grandmother's loving embrace, wisdom and colorful stories of the old days, are all the children need in her care. Gorgeously carved from one piece of antler, Troy Sice brought about a Grandmother whose blanket or shawl is lusciously worked, so as to make you feel the soft folds. An extraordinary pattern of red coral and lapis inlaid flowers bloom all over her shawl, in addition to serpentine inlays. Grandmother's face is inlaid with turquoise and pen shell, while the children's eyes are of inlaid jet. Crushed pipestone, lapis and serpentine fill the beautifully incised lines. Troy is an award-winning master carver. His museum-quality work is about 3" tall, 1 1/8" wide and 1 1/2" deep.