Grandiose Mountain Lion

By Keli'i Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Serpentine
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This elegant Mountain-lion has been superbly sculpted out of serpentine by Keli'i Eli. Its features have been incised from its whiskers to its paws. It has a glorious Pueblo scene incised on one side with etched bricks and Pueblo ladders, that have been filled with ground jet paste. On the other side it has a scene of majestic mesas with Dragonfly blessings framing the scene. Its eyes have been inlaid with red coral and from its head there emanates a powerful heartline that has been inlaid with turquoise, red coral and lapis lazuli. The smooth surface is complemented by inlaid turquoise and red coral spots inlaid throughout. This magnificent carving; featured in our add in El Palacio Magazine for Summer 2018, is about 9 3/4" long, 2" wide and 4" tall.