Graceful Bison

By Lynn Quam

Animal: Bison, Material: Rhyolite
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Lynn Quam's mother was Annie Gasper Quam (d), the sister to Ellen Quandelacy (d). Annie's children were Phillip Pinto (d), Nancy Westika, Rhoda Quam, Pernell Gasper (d) and of course Lynn. During the 1970's, all the children made stringing fetishes. Lynn began carving in the 1980's alongside his wife Jayne Quam. If you don't have one of Lynn's smoothly sculpted Bison in your fetish collection, now's the time because they're graceful and abstract. His latest offering is an approximately 3" long, 3/4" wide and 2" tall bovine with turquoise eyes and horns, carved from rhyolite or wonderstone. It is a must have, even the price is amazing.

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