Generous Corn Maiden

By Cody Chavez

Animal: Corn Maiden, Material: Dolomite
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The harvest season comes in late summer. Cody Chavez's wonderful Corn Maiden represents the bounty and traditional importance of Corn. Zunis and other Indigenous societies were farmers growing corn as a sustenance crop. Planted and harvested today, corn is called the Mother because it’s cultivated from Mother Earth. The traditional way corn is used acknowledges it as a gift and blessing from the Creator. Many pueblo cultures give Corn Dances. It’s offered to metaphorically feed animal carvings in thankfulness for their traits in nature. Cornmeal or corn pollen is usually carried in a small leather pouch. When natural resources like game animals, irrigation water and clay are used, a prayer and a sprinkling of cornmeal are given in gratitude. Carved from dolomite, lovely features like Mojave green turquoise eyes, red coral, jet and turquoise inlays adorn. Husks are beautifully stylized. Approximately 2 1/2" tall, 3/8" wide and 5/8" deep.

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