Frog With Turquoise Bead Inlays

By Frankie Poblano Chattin

Animal: Frog, Material: Serpentine
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Many pleasing turquoise beads are inlaid on this jovial Frog's back, perhaps indicative of the warty-looking bumps these amphibian's have in nature, that act as camouflage. Frankie Poblano Chattin also inlaid turquoise bead eyes into this approximate 3" long, 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" tall serpentine amphibian. An incised broad smile and nice polish job make this a fetish to have. Frankie's parents are artists Jovanna Poblano and Daniel Chattin. They are part of the greater iconic Teddy Weahkee (d) family of Zuni artists.