Frog Prince Rides An Elephant

By Ricky Laahty

Animal: Frog, Material: Cerrillos Turquoise
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Ricky Laahty is a member of the Leekya Deyuse(d) family of Zuni carvers. Known the world-over for his frogs, each prized amphibian Ricky produces has a unique and amusing personality. His latest warty little Frog (or Toad) prince is carved from a wonderfully texturized Cerrillos turquoise with lots of fantastic lumps and bumps. Ricky's realistic eyes and watery of shell are amazing. We recently tried to pump him for more information during a visit to the shop but he declared his techniques to be top secret. Which only makes us love his work even more. This particular creature sits atop a secret elephant who's profile is incised into the bottom of the frog, Ricky does love his secrets and is always full of surprises. Altogether the carving measures about 1 5/8" long, 1 1/2" wide by 1 1/8" tall.

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