Fresh Water Pearl, Natural Branch Red Coral & Melon Shell Corn Maiden Pendant Necklace

By Jovanna Poblano

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A comely Corn Maiden from carved melon shell is inlaid with a red coral accent and incised with Dragonfly companions and Corn kernels. Her facial features are from jet. Surrounding her is lovely hand done beadwork backed by soft leather, where it's been signed by Jovanna Poblano. Fresh water pearls and natural branch red coral beads unite on this approximate 19" long necklace with a sterling silver lobster clasp closure. The maiden pendant part is about 2 1/2" long and 1" wide. Jovanna is a wonderful artist who is from the greater Teddy Weahkee (d) family of carvers. Jovanna's grandfather was the iconic Zuni carver Leo Poblano (d).