Free Rein Pony

By Andres Quandelacy

Animal: Horse, Material: Turquoise
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Andres Quandelacy's mother was Ellen Quandelacy (d) and her father was Johnny Quam (d). This family's artistry has helped establish standards of workmanship in fetish carving.  Andres is well-known for his Horse (or pony) fetishes. Carved from a calming portion of green turquoise, this equine is about 2" long, 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" tall. Red coral inlaid eyes look great with the natural green color of the turquoise stone. 

Horse (Du:shi) brought power to the People. After the horse arrived on the Plains, people were able to move faster with heavier burdens, they could hunt game more efficiently, and they became fiercer warriors. Horse affords mobility that gives us freedom and power, but not the power that weighs us down.