Fluorite Frog With Sugilite Inlays

By Veronica Poblano

Animal: Frog, Material: Fluorite
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Sugilite was first discovered in 1944 by Japanese petrologist Ken-Ichi Sugi (1901-1948) from the Imperial University in Kyushu. He found sugilite on the Iwagi islet, in the south west of Japan. The naming of sugilite was to honor Ken-Ichi Sugi. This exquisite and unusual mineral was also found in the Wessels Mine in South Africa in 1979. The known reserves from this mine are spent. Sugilite has also been found in India, Italy, Australia and Canada.

A trio of rare sugilite cabochons adorn the back of this sweetest-ever Frog by Veronica Poblano. The lovely purple and teal colors seen in the fluorite stone are harmonious with the sugilite inlays. Bulbous eyes of turquoise are endearing along with a preciously incised smile. Veronica's carving lineage is incredible. Her father was iconic Zuni carver Leo Poblano (d). He was the nephew of Teddy Weahkee (d).

Don't miss this very collectible amphibian. About 1 1/2" long, 2" wide and 1" tall.