Enchantment Under The Seahorses

By Justin Natewa

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Easily swept away in rough currents, magical seahorses use their tails to wrap around whatever can hold them steady like we see in Justin Natewa's delightful ocean floor scene. Safely anchored, a pink mussel shell father seahorse protects its little baby. Their eyes are from jet. A sandstone base topped with crushed blue turquoise, green turquoise rocks, a gold lip shell star and coral friends surround them. One of the 'corals' is carved from rich pipestone. After the male and female seahorses spend time courting, the female deposits her eggs inside the male's pouch. The male then fertilizes the eggs inside the pouch. Seahorse dads carry their babies in the pouch releasing them when the time is right. All together, measurements are approximately 2" tall, 2" wide and 1 1/2" deep.

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