Elemental Earrings

By Sheldon & Nancy Westika

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Sheldon and Nancy Westika are from the greater Johnny Quam (d) and Quandelacy family of Zuni Pueblo artists. Nancy's mother was noted jeweler Anne Gasper Quam (d) who learned jewelry making from her father Johnny Quam (d). Anne's sister was Ellen Quandelacy (d).

Sheldon and Nancy are experienced artisans in the challenging stone-to-stone technique. They exquisitely set turquoise, pipestone and Picasso marble side by side in these approximate 1 1/2" long including hook fixtures, and 1/4" wide sterling silver earrings. The Picasso marble resembles the rooted underworld, while rich pipestone is like sacred land and turquoise is as freeing as the sky. Signed by the artists.