Double Strand Raven Fetish Necklace Of Jet & Red Coral

By Marvelita Phillips

Animal: Raven, Material: Jet
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Marvelita Phillips' father was noted carver and jeweler Leonard Halate (d) who started carving in the 1940's. Her brother is Herbert Halate and her son is Brandon Phillips, both wonderful and well-known carvers as well.

Marvelita's double-strand Raven fetish necklace is a visual stunner. The deep richness of the jet and the vividness of the red coral are pleasing to the eye. This work of wearable art is a lovely example of an authentic and traditional Zuni fetish necklace. Beware as there are many fake fetish necklaces out there, so please see more information regarding fake fetish necklaces here.

Impeccably carved, each jet bird oozes a raven's sensibilities and has expressive eyes of inlaid turquoise. The corvid's average 1 1/4" in length and are strung on a double strand of scrumptious natural branch red coral beads. Overall necklace length is about 30".