Cripple Creek Turquoise Mosaic Shell Necklace

By Mary C. Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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All the extraordinary Cripple Creek turquoise beads and mosaic pieces seen in this necklace are from a precious and older supply stash of Mary C. Lovato's. She is an award-winning Kewa jeweler and elder. Cripple Creek turquoise comes from the Cripple Creek mining area located in Teller County, Colorado. It is rare and prized for its fresh beauty. 

Taking center stage on this approximate 27 1/2" total length necklace, is a shell overlaid with specially cut pieces of Cripple Creek turquoise, all focusing in on a square section of shimmering abalone. The way Mary expertly handled these turquoise parts in relation to the natural curvature of the bivalve shell is amazing. They come together harmoniously. The mosaic shell itself is about 3 1/4" long and 3 1/2" wide.

Strung with these incredible turquoise beads, are several sterling silver beads and a lone coral bead as well. This mosaic shell necklace is a feast for the eyes and will be a joy to wear always.