Coyote Tales

By Lorandina Sheche

Animal: Coyote, Material: Watermelon Serpentine
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Lorandina Sheche's fabulous old-style coyote fetish is carved from watermelon serpentine. Eyes are from turquoise inlays. It measures about 3" long, 7/8" wide and 1 1/2" tall. Many Zuni Pueblo traditional oral stories include Coyote and can be found in the "The Zunis Self-Portrayals" book by The Zuni People translated by Alvina Quam, copyright 1972. The recorded tales share amazing fables of moral instruction regarding coyote with titles like "The Coyote and the Badger" and "A Coyote and a Bumblebee". If you would like to learn more about coyote's adventures this wonderful publication is available and sold separately here.

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