Corn Maiden Dressed To Offer Prayers By Clissa Martin

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Corn Maiden, Material: Jasper
This offering is sold.
In Zuni, a woman with her hair in whorls on each side of her head in Zuni means she has not had a baby. She is a maiden. The corn down the front represents fertility. The Dragonfly carries prayers to Spirit World and to The Ancestors. This young woman is honoring her place in Zuni and Clissa Martin’s carving honors the Corn Maiden. She emerged from a beautiful piece of Jasper. A darker horizontal swipe around her robe suggests a shawl. The dragonfly is made from coral and turquoise and is an important messenger. The Corn Maiden is impeccable in every aspect. She measures about 2" tall and is 1" wide. Signed. Perfect.