Puddle of Mud Rhino

By Fabian Tsethlikai

Animal: Rhinoceros, Material: Picture Jasper
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Endangered in the wild, rhinoceros are intimidating and powerful creatures. But they are not without play. One of the most common behaviors rhinoceroses participate in is wallowing, which usually takes place in muddy patches and is done as a way too cool down while also protecting their skin from insects and the sun. This picture jasper rhino from Fabian Tsethlikai looks like it just got up from sitting in a nice cool mud bath. With turquoise eyes, Fabian has captured some adorable detail in the ears, swishing tail, and nubby toes of this carving. While wooly rhinoceroses used to roam the earth with other mega fauna, this little carving is about 1 7/8" long, 3/4" wide, and 1" tall.

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