Lovebird Cats

By Maegan Shetima

Animal: Cat, Material: Picasso Marble
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A beautiful example of the veining and webbing in Picasso marble, this cat pair is carved from one stone by Maegan Shetima. This carving shows off the variation Picasso marble can have even across one stone, with one cat being primarily black and the other featuring more of the orange and green-tan tones. The matching mis-matched cats have been carved to be gazing in to each other's pen shell in gold lip shell eyes instead of outward toward us, and do not have much space between each other which shows off Maegan’s expertise and talent at lapidary work. With little pink oyster shell hearts dangling from their collars, Maegan has carved their tails into an intertwined heart as well.  This carving is wonderful for a romantic gift or for any lover of cats. This piece measures 1” wide, 7/8” deep, and 1 3/4” tall.

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