Stormy Night Mole

By Clive Hustito

Animal: Mole, Material: Picasso marble
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The Mole is a humble creature, dwelling underground and relying on its other senses rather than its eyesight. Because they are often blind or nearly so, mole has the ability to teach us the skill of relying on other senses beyond the visual, and can help us strengthen our inner voices. This mole from Clive Hustito has tiny jet eyes and is raising its head to inspect its surroundings. Carved from Picasso marble, the white and grey webbing on this mole's back gives the illusion of a stormy sky. Clive's mole also has a small incised mouth and claws perfect for digging. This underground creature is 2 3/4" long, 1 1/8" wide, 7/8" tall.

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