Break Of Day Bobcat

By Christopher Sandoval, Zuni-San Felipe

Animal: Bobcat, Material: Afghani Lapis
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The quiet predawn hours allow a Bobcat (or wildcat) to successfully hunt. A keen sense of hearing and stealthy ways help it prosper. Magnificently carved from Afghani lapis, a prized variety mined in Afghanistan for thousands of years, exhibits a bold blue color that enchants the senses. Christopher Sandoval's carving prowess excites. His choice materials are always drool-worthy and interesting. A turquoise, spiny oyster shell and red coral bead offering is simply lovely. Christopher's father is renowned master carver Melvin Sandoval. This museum-quality, turquoise-eyed feline measures about 3 3/4" long, 1 1/4" wide and 2" tall.