Bow Priest Lizard

By Florentino Martinez

Animal: Bow Priest Lizard, Material: Picasso Marble
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Florentino Martinez descends from the greater Laate family of Zuni fetish carvers. He started the art in 1991 while in high school, first doing fetishes with a simple style. He was inspired by other family members who were carving in a more detailed manner. Consequently, around 1996 Florentino's work grew to a sophisticated and unparalleled level.

We're honored to offer this masterwork by Florentino, depicting a Lizard Bow Priest who rises from a Dragonfly incised bowl, protectively safeguarding Zuni Pueblo. His entire tail wraps around the base. The ancient pueblo has etched features like small windows, mud bricks and a kiva opening below this sacred reptile's face. The lizard Bow Priest has vigilant turquoise inlaid eyes and other adornments. He holds a rattle gourd plus a bow and arrow. 

It's truly remarkable this museum-quality work is created from one specimen of handsome Picasso marble. This stone is laden with golden tan, brown and grey hues. About 2 5/8" tall, 1 7/8" wide and 2" deep. Extra shipping charges may apply.