Bountiful Bird & Bear Single Strand Fetish Necklace

By Rosita Kaamasee

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An outstanding single strand fetish necklace consisting of carved birds and Bears, strung with fine baby olive heishe shell beads, by Rosita Kaamasee. All the abundant creatures seen on this necklace are carved from bright and colorful orange spiny oyster. Each of the animals are reversible with a blend of orange and creamy white coloring and measure about 3/4" to 1" long, from head to tail. The overall necklace length is approximately 31" with sterling silver cones and hook clasp. 

Rosita Kaamasee is a Zuni elder who descends from the greater George Cheechee Haloo (d) family of Zuni artists. Rosita carries on the carving tradition from George who started carving in the 1930's and was known for his fetish necklaces.