Boogie Woogie Bobcat

By Gibbs Othole

Animal: Bobcat, Material: Lapis
This offering is sold.
Need a little pep in your step? Look to this vibrant bobcat for inspiration. Gibbs Othole's packs a lot of character and personality into his carvings and this lapis Bobcat is no exception. With a mischievous smile and expression full of delight this feline will dance its way into your heart. From bobcat we learn to do things for ourselves, being self-reliant can be a form of self-care even if that means doing a silly dance to shake things up. This spirited bobcat sparkles with inclusions of pyrite and has inlaid turquoise eyes. The standing bobcat measures about 3 1/4" tall by 1 5/8" wide and 1 1/4" deep.