Bird Bearing Blessings

By Cheryl Beyuka

Animal: Bird, Material: Travertine
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Carrying an offering of crushed turquoise permanently presented in the small hollow of its back, Cheryl Beyuka's travertine bird is a beautiful reminder that blessings are always inbound. Lovely sculpted wings create a graceful shape to this smooth stone with a high glossy polish. Cheryl has honored the bird with an necklace of shell, lapis, coral, amber and pearl beads. The carving measures about 3 1/4" long, 1 7/8" wide by 1" tall and has eyes of inlaid jet. 

Cheryl Beyuka started carving with the help of her husband Elvis Westika. Cheryl's brother is artist Philbert Beyuka and her son is Eli Westika, both of whom learned carving from Cheryl. 

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