Biggs Jasper Panther

By Christopher Sandoval, Zuni-San Felipe

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Jasper
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Christopher Sandoval carved this slinking Mountain-lion from an old stock of Biggs  jasper. Biggs jasper, a type of picture jasper, was first discovered in Biggs Junction, Oregon in the 1960's. Christopher told us this specimen was mined in 1963. Formed as mud from volcanic ash was deposited on basalt terrain, then heated and compressed through volcanic activity, Biggs Blue jasper is relatively rare.

Christopher's sleek carving style compliments the protective posture of this powerful cat. We love the curled tail showcasing Christopher's skillful open carving work. Highly polished with eyes of inlaid turquoise this wild cat is about 3" long, 2" wide, and 1" tall.