Beloved Azurite Mountain Lion

By Larry Peina

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Azurite
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In the ancient world and throughout the Middle Ages, vibrant azurite was ground up and used as a rich pigment and saturating dye. It was also called the Stone of Heaven long ago in Chinese tradition because it opened celestial gateways. Azurite was also one of the minerals believed to have been used in the lost, perhaps mythical city of Atlantis. Larry Peina's old-style Mountain-lion (puma, panther, leopard or cougar) has been sculpted from beloved azurite with an etched tail. An offering bundle has a unique carved feather from marble. Focused eyes are set with perhaps a resin, light-hued amber or pen shell. Dimensions of this incredible cat are roughly 3 3/8" long, 1" wide and 1 1/2" tall.

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