Bear Pair Odyssey

By Todd Westika

Animal: Bear, Material: Alabaster
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Turquoise inlaid eyes see the journey ahead, one that requires each step be taken with discernment, prayer and patience, come what may. Todd Westika's Bears have each been carved from an attractive alabaster hosting soft green and golden autumn colors. Carved turquoise point offering bundles are secured to either side of this nicely sized pair that's a generous 5 3/4" long, 3" wide and 3" tall, approximate measurements.

Todd is a member of the wonderful Quandelacy and Johnny Quam (d) family of carvers. His parents are Sheldon and Nancy Westika, noted jewelers and carvers. Todd's grandmother was famous jeweler Anne Gasper Quam (d) who learned jewelry making from her father Johnny Quam (d). Anne's sister was Ellen Quandelacy (d).

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