An All-In-One Directional Set

By Fabian Tsethlikai

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Fabian Tsethlikai's all-in-one, set of six directions is wonderful! All the animals (a white Wolf carved from alabaster, a picture jasper Mountain Lion, a multi-material Eagle, a Badger of pipestone, a black marble Mole, and a turquoise Bear) seen here are permanently attached to a base of picture jasper. The eagle is composed of layers of picture jasper, pipestone, turquoise, white alabaster, and black marble. This eagle is suspended sturdily above the mole with a segment of metal. The animal's eyes are inlaid of either turquoise or jet. Signed by the artist, along with an incised legend on the underside. Including base, measurements are about 2 1/2" square and 1 1/8" tall.