Alternating Heartline Bear

By Bernard Laiwakete

Animal: Bear, Material: Chrysocolla
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A light blue turquoise alternating heartline attracts the eye, as it's inlaid into this great Bear of chrysocolla by Bernard Laiwakete. The heartline represents the breath or essence of an animal. This gorgeous mineral is in the turquoise family and is said to have calming properties and is rejuvenating. Closely set eyes from turquoise give this bear a lot of darling personality. Bernard comes from a great line of Zuni carvers: the Mahooty, Lasiloo and Laiwakete families. His son is carver Kenric Laiwakete and several of his brothers carve as well. About 2 3/4" long, 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" tall.