All In One Directional Carving Of Picasso Marble

By Maegan Shetima

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Maegan Shetima's incredible Picasso marble carving hosts the six directions that the Zuni acknowledge and assign an animal and a color to each. We see a Bear, an Eagle, a Mountain-lion a Badger, Mole and a Wolf within this approximate 4" long, 3 3/4" deep and 3 1/8" tall carving. Maegan cleverly inlaid each animal with eyes that correspond to their directional color. Bear has eyes of inlaid lapis, which represents the color blue associated with bear. Eagle has eyes of inlaid rainbow calsilica, as this raptor is "many-colored". Mountain lion has yellow and jet inlaid eyes, as yellow is its color. Badger has eyes of red coral as red is its color. Mole has inlaid eyes of inlaid gold lip shell, although black is associated with this animal. And finally wolf has eyes of mother-of-pearl and jet, as white is this animal's color. Maegan incised each animal's fur and feathers in a beautiful manner. Don't miss this collectible carving by a young and wonderful artist.