A Wonderful & Wild Wolverine

By Veronica Poblano

Animal: Wolverine, Material: Pyrite
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Wolverines are ferocious creatures and the second largest species in the weasel family. This incredible animal has a lot of strength in comparison to its size. 

We're taken with Veronica Poblano's fabulous wolverine, carved of pyrite and inlaid with eyes of gold lip shell. Veronica is from the greater Teddy Weahkee family of carvers. Her father was noted and iconic Zuni carver Leo Poblano, nephew of Teddy Weahkee. 

Veronica attached an amazing turquoise point with red coral, abalone, turquoise and a scrumptious tourmalinated quartz bead offering bundle. Tourmalinated quartz is a clear crystal quartz that formed with black tourmaline. Don't miss this very collectible fetish that comes with Veronica's sterling silver signature label attached. About 1 3/4" long, 1" wide and 1 1/2" tall.