A Multi-Material Reversible "Corn Necklace"

By Sandra Quandelacy

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Sandra Quandelacy's gorgeous and reversible "Corn Necklace" showcases scrumptious materials like both blue and green turquoises, orange spiny oyster shell, mother-of-pearl, lapis and jet all carved into small and amazing corn cobs. They are strung with vibrant Mojave green turquoise, red coral, lapis, jet and white shell beads on a single strand necklace that's about 24" long, slightly adjustable. Taking center stage on this necklace is a reversible turquoise corn maiden on one side, while the other side is a Grandmother, about 2 1/8" long and 7/8" wide. They are incised with lovely Dragonfly friends and are inlaid with red coral, lapis and jet bits.