A Menagerie Of Animals Double Strand Fetish Necklace & Earrings Set

By Evalena Boone

This offering is sold.
Evalena Boone is Lena Boone's daughter. She's a wonderful carver whose latest offering is this stunning and colorful double strand fetish necklace showcasing many animals carved of lots of luscious materials. In the center is a turquoise Eagle inlaid with many red coral pieces, about 1 3/4" long and with a 3/4" wingspan. Joining in are bird, duck, Mountain-lion, Mole, Badger, Bear, Hummingbird, Fox, Wolf, Coyote, Turtle, tadpole and fish. They are carved of materials like turquoise, serpentine, ricolite, spiny oyster shell, amber, melon shell, jet, sugilite, onyx, Picasso marble, marble, abalone, sodalite, rainbow fluorite and pink opal. The animals have eyes inlaid of either red coral or turquoise. Strung with fine heishe shell beads, overall necklace length is about 32", and comes with Evalena's sterling silver signature label attached. The bird earrings of Pacific green snail shell and spiny oyster are for pieced ears. They hang at about 2" long and are 7/8" wide, strung with fine heishe shell beads.