Beacon Of Light

By Troy Sice

Animal: Zuni Sunface Katsina, Material: Antler
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In Zuni Pueblo tradition the Sunface symbol is beneficial as it represents a balance in life: traditionally, turquoise stands for Father Sky, coral stands for Mother Earth, while mother-of-pearl shell and jet represent all the elements in balance. Carvers like Troy Sice use their creative artistic license by utilizing other materials to represent this sacred design.

A burnished antler crown is precisely inlaid with bright red coral, refreshing gaspeite or perhaps variscite, pen shell, gold lip shell and lapis to form the Sunface design. A tiny carved gold lip shell feather is secured with sterling silver to the Sunface. Red coral and turquoise inlays designate a fabulous triple strand necklace.

A robe or blanket is masterfully embellished with many beautiful stones, shells and corals. Troy used sky blue turquoise, lovely pink and red coral, vibrant lapis lazuli, gaspeite, orange spiny oyster shell, serpentine, pen shell and crushed lapis to decorate it. We love how he worked the antler to bring soft folds to the blanket that's wrapped around sweetly rendered hands. Crushed pipestone is meticulously inlaid to the belt or sash that has lapis accents as well. Burnished boots or mocassins are inlaid with turquoise.

A museum quality masterpiece that measures approximately 3 1/2" tall, 1 5/8" wide and 1 1/2" deep.

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