Zuni Sunface Barrette

By April Unkestine

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April Unkestine's silversmithing and lapidary skills are superb. Her latest offering is a striking Zuni Sunface barrette hair accessory. The Sunface symbol represents balance in life. Three magnificent sterling silver stations host rich pen shell, jet, vibrant turquoise, luxurious red coral and iridescent mother-of-pearl set in both the challenging stone-to-stone jewelry inlay technique, as well as the exacting channel inlay style. The stone-to-stone method demands precisely cut materials fit perfectly side by side, while the channel inlay procedure requires silver channels in between the stones and shell. Permanently overlaid on a commercial barrette back, this absolutely gorgeous hair accessory is approximately 3 1/4" long and 1 1/2" wide. Signed by the artist.

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