Zuni Stone Bear With Healing Intentions By Bobby Shack

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Bear, Material: Zuni Stone
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Bobby and his wife Corraine are well known for their beautiful inlaid jewelry. They both come from families of silversmiths as well as inlay artists. It is in this tradition that Bobby and Corraine continue their definitive style, making iconic thunderbirds and hummingbirds. Bobby once shared a story with us in the shop many years ago about a dream he had where a large white standing bear laid his paws on his shoulders (Bobby said he could feel the claws). The bear told him that all animals have healing powers but if they touch A:shiwi (The People) they would hurt them with their claws and teeth, so he asked Bobby (who is in the Medicine Society in Zuni) to carve for healing. And Bobby has been doing that ever since. Keshi keeps his Bear carvings in a special place and offers them to people who request a healing fetish. The stone for this bear came from Zuni and measures 3 1/4" long by 2 1/4" tall at the tip of the ears.

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