Zuni Sandstone Owl Night Grandfather By Jimmie Etsate

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Owl, Material: Sandstone
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Jimmie Etsate (d) was a dear friend of ours for 30 years. He had many interests which came out in the subjects he carved, such as trucks, cars and human figures. He was probably most known for his carvings of Smokey Bear. He made Smokey from a variety of stones and always included a silver shovel. More than one group of Forest Service Personnel asked us to supply Jimmie’s bears to give as awards. The Zuni Hot Shots were among the firefighters that rescued Smokey Bear as a cub in the summer of 1950 in Lincoln National Forest. This Zuni sandstone Owl is such a good example of Jimmie’s carving. It has a lively attitude, with its large turquoise and jet eyes. Nicely etched wings and tail. Very warm and friendly, like Jimmie.  This owl measures about 1 3/8" across and high. It is also signed.

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