Zuni Maiden With Old Style Wolf Shawl

By Ray Tsalate

Animal: Maiden, Material: Antler
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Ray Tsalate's incomparable maiden is supremely carved of antler and her shawl is inlaid with a magnificent old style Wolf and a peaceful sun element. Ray used crushed jet, denim lapis, pipestone and serpentine for some of the detail on the reptile, in addition to inlaying jet for the sun. This maiden's whorls of hair are incised in a lovely way. Her traditional boots are inlaid with red coral bits and are burnt out for added specialness. Her vivid necklace consists of red coral, sugilite, turquoise and chrysoprase. Her pen shell inlaid eyes with jet eyelashes, are twinkling and her pipestone inlaid smile is wide and sweet. About 2" tall, 1 1/2" wide and 3/4" long.

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