Yooperlite Medicine Bear

By Farlan & Paulette Quam

Animal: Bear, Material: Yooperlite
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Paulette and Farlan Quam descend from the greater Andrew Emerson Quam (d) and Bossie Quam (d) family of wonderful Zuni Pueblo carvers. Their recent Medicine-Bear (or Bear) is hewn from a fascinating rock called Yooperlite. This granite-like stone consists of a syenite-rich sodalite that fluoresces under ultraviolet light. These magical stones were noticed in the Upper Peninsula shores of Lake Michigan by a rock hound named Erik Rintamaki in 2017. He gave the stones the name Yooperlite because of the nicknamed "Yoopers" people that live in that area. He acknowledged that other folks had probably discovered these gorgeous rocks, but he was the first one to get them verified. Turquoise inlaid eyes plus a lovely tiger's eye and apple coral bead offering bundle compliment this awesome stone. About 1 7/8" long, 5/8"wide and 1 5/8" tall.

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