Winter's Mole

By Travis Nieto

Animal: Mole, Material: Picasso Marble
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Winter is the time of darkness, when the day's are short and the nights are long. Mole is the guardian of the underground, or Nadir, in the Zuni way. Mole finds its way without light, using its sensitivity to feel its way through the world. We can learn much from this humble creature as we navigate the winter seasons of our life.

Travis Nieto carved this mole from Picasso marble. He gave it a warrior's offering of an arrow point caved from pen shell. We like how the lapis and malachite offering beads sit to the side of the point. Instead of inlaying eyes, Travis chose to incise them, giving them a diminished look that would be appropriate for this earth dweller. About 1 3/4" long, 1" wide, and 3/4" tall. 

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