Watermelon Serpentine Bushytail

By Benina Kallestewa

Animal: Bushytail, Material: Watermelon Serpentine
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Bushytails such as a Wolf, Coyote and Fox each have unique qualities. For example, a wolf is a highly intelligent canine that instructs its young, helps fellow injured wolves, lives in family groups and hunts cooperatively. A coyote is devoted to family and they are great communicators, mating for life. They give back to the environment in the form of pest control. A fox is a solitary and discreet animal, closely bonded to family. They are self-sufficient and good listeners, having superb hearing. All these natural traits and abilities are honorable and we can glean much from them in the form of their animal medicine, or what they teach us. Benina Kallestewa's roughly 4" long, 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" tall cultured opal-eyed bushytail is a delightful fetish, dynamically carved from watermelon serpentine.