Water Guardian

By Florentino Martinez

Animal: Kolowisi, Material: Coral
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Florentino Martinez is a master the tiny most intricate and unbelievably delicate details. With hands of a surgeon he has carved this amazing Kolowisi from a piece of apple coral. KOLOWISI is the traditional horned & feathered serpent who is the guardian of water sources. The swirling pattern of the coral give the body movement leading up the the head. Look closely at the two layered headdresses at the neck, at back of the square geometric headdress you'll see small incised dragonflies while individual feathers make up the rounded headdress. A remarkable horn with spiraling lines sits atop the head. The mouth bears razor sharp teeth while an unbelievably thin tongue flicks out. Micro pieces of rounded turquoise are inlaid as eyes and are attention grabbing next to the red coral. This piece is an absolute wonder to hold and study with a magnifying glass. Measuring about 3 3/4" long, 1" wide and 1 1/8" tall.  

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