"Walking Along Yucca"

By Anthony Gchachu

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"Walking Along Yucca" is an original acrylic painting #30 from Zuni Pueblo artist Anthony Gchachu's Land Of The Shalako series. He eloquently relates that emergence stories are part of his extraordinary body of work, which he so enjoys creating. Vibrant orange, yellow and red acrylic hues compose the fiery sunset in which a sacred Sha'lak'o, who Anthony says is a spiritual being, journeys on the path towards. Along the way, beautifully rendered yuccas grow, which are plants in the agave family. Rigid sword shaped leaves are painted with a verdant color, while clusters of white waxy flowers are in bloom. This hand-stretched canvas on wood frame measures about 12" by 12" and is signed by the artist who has a heart of gold. Please click here to learn more about Anthony's work.

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