Turtle Time

By Alexander Chavez

Animal: Turtle, Material: Picture Jasper
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Turtles consume plants, insects and other animals, counterbalancing these populations. As they graze, seeds are deposited. While tortoises are generally land-based, turtles move with ease between terrestrial and aquatic places. In a slow gait they reach a destination successfully. In Zuni Pueblo, turtle shells are prized for making rattles used by the Rain Dancers.

A turtle’s pattern of living teaches us to make good use of natural resources and illustrate that our figurative home can be wherever we go because they can’t survive without their protective carapace. Allow Alexander Chavez's picture jasper Turtle inspire you to set a realistic pace in life. Turquoise eyes and inlays are set to the soothing stone. About 2" long, 1 1/8" wide and 3/8" tall.

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