Tiny Pair of Handmade Horses, One Stone, No Machinery By Hubert Pincion(d)

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Horse, Material: Serpentine
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Being a Horse collector, both real and carved, I naturally have many pieces of Hubert Pincion. He was probably the last artist who carved with only rasps and files, so many people collect his work. Hubert’s horses have a unique feel. He was a lover of horses; he and his herds will always be remembered. This horse pair, carved out of one piece of serpentine is very small. It was as if he were challenging himself to see how small he could carve. He carved all sizes, but these small horse pairs always fascinated me because it is so difficult to do by hand and therefore so rare. The tiny pony pair measure 7/8" tall by 7/8" long with inlaid eyes of turquoise. This piece is also signed.    

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