Spirit Messenger Dragonfly

By Cheryl Beyuka

Animal: Dragonfly, ma: Mother Of Pearl
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Dragonfly begins life in the water and can move freely between air and land. They are, therefore, believed to be able to move freely between spirit and material worlds taking messages and prayers with them. Cheryl Beyuka's mother-of-pearl shell dragonfly is irresistible. With pieces of turquoise and jet inlaid on the iridescent shell and an offering bundle of small turquoise beads it measures 2 1/2" long with a wingspan of 2 1/2". The lovely, often-iridescent colors of the wings in nature remind us that the mundane existence that we commonly accept as the only reality may be an illusion. Cheryl's choice of mother-of-pearl mimics this with such delicate beauty.

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