Reversible Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Red Coral Necklace & Earrings Set

By Smokey Gchachu

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Unparalleled in breathtaking beauty and of the finest craftsmanship is what renowned Zuni Pueblo jeweler Smokey Gchachu's all handmade sterling silver, precious Sleeping Beauty turquoise and red coral reversible necklace and earrings set is all about.

Contemporary in design and honoring the Zuni petit point jewelry tradition, each hand-cut turquoise and red coral piece had a custom-made sterling silver bezel to house them. This intricate procedure was applied to either side of each station, in order to make the reversible nature of this set possible. A drop-dead gorgeous hand-woven chain is also unrivaled in this approximate 20" long necklace. The gorgeous hook earrings, which are about 2" long, were also created with the utmost attention to detail as the necklace. They are also reversible thanks to Smokey's designer turn-hinge feature. This world-class necklace and earrings set is beyond compare. Signed by the artist.