Silky Smooth Hickoryite Standing Bear By Melvin Sandoval

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Bear, Material: Hickoryite
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Melvin has an extraordinary ability to completely capture an animal with very little detail. In fact, that’s why I’m one of his biggest fans! Melvin lets the patterns and variations of the stone tell the story of who this animal is. This hickoryite Bear, for example. Melvin utilized the lovely quality of the stone which, when polished, becomes satiny and soft in looks as well as in touch. The interesting stripes throughout the piece plus the placement of the darker spots for the nose, paws, and feet resulted in this handsome fellow. It is a lustrous and luscious carving. This standing bear measures about 2 3/8" tall and is about 1 1/8" from front to back.  This is an older piece, denoted by the inlaid eyes of turquoise.

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