Reversible Bear With Corn Mosaic & Corn Maiden

By Chad Quandelacy

Animal: Bear, Material: Picasso Marble
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Chad Quandelacy's parents are renowned carvers Stewart Quandelacy and Priscilla Lasiloo. The Quandelacy family is made up of many incredible and innovative fetish carvers, and are known for their corn maiden carvings and other wonderful works. We are captivated by Chad's Picasso marble Bear inlaid with a mosaic Corn composed of turquoise, coral, malachite, serpentine and amethyst. The reverse side side shares a Corn-maiden with an etched and overlaid face from turquoise. Red coral and turquoise cabochons adorn her, while many a Dragonfly, who are water creatures, represent nourishing water that makes it all grow. Including the lovely purple spiny oyster shell base, Chad's red coral-eyed bear is about 2 3/4" tall, 2 1/4" wide and 1" deep.