Primitive Found Stone Turtle By Joe Medina, Zia Pueblo, Beloved Father Of Salvador Romero

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Turtle, Material: Found Stone
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We have not sold a Joe Medina(d) piece since he passed over 20 years ago. The few unsold pieces we had left, we gave to his family. Joe actually learned to carve from Sal at an advanced age, and his animals were adorable! He used Magic Marker, treasured beads of his own, (nice turquoise nugget on top of this turtle), and he even tied little bows and arrows and long handled hatchets on them that Sal made as a boy. We have one at the store (not for sale) that has a little tool tied on it, made by young Sal! This little Turtle is one I had on my shelf and it is an offering to Zuni in a way. It seems right to let it out in the world. The turtle measures about 2" long by 1 5/8" wide and stands 1 3/4" tall, including the offering.

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