Preserving Family Traditions Snake Ring

By Melissa Oliver

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A recognizable motif set in sterling silver. Effie Calavaza (d) was well known for her jewelry designs incorporating winding snakes of sterling sliver among stones of turquoise and coral. Today her family continues the tradition carrying the memory forward into the future generations. 

Snake is known to be a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal in many cultures. Like her grandmother Effie, Melissa Oliver has created impressive ring with a large single turquoise stone enveloped by a silver snake with turquoise eyes. A close look reveals a texturized body of the snake coiled around the stone's setting. In honoring her grandmother's unique snake jewelry creations, Melissa continues to use Effie's hallmark signature stamp, on the underside of this ring measuring 1" long by 5/8" wide and sized at 6 1/4. 

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